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R. Scott Bryan. Man. Myth. Legend.

R. Scott Bryan. Man. Myth. Legend.

I mentioned several months ago that I've been working on a new recording for singer/songwriter and all around 'I can play anything-er' R. Scott Bryan. Fact, I think I remember even telling you that the 'R' in his name stands for Roy. I did tell you that didn't I?

I wanted to give you all an update on the recording as we actually have audio for your review posted and available for you listening pleasure. At this point in time, the record is about 76.4% done with five tunes tracked, mixed and released in a promotional EP format. We have several other tunes heavily under construction - which should be all wrapped up shortly.

A few days ago - Scott calls me bustling with excitement about a new tune fresh off the press. The tune is entitled 'It's Your Life'. A song about taking life as it comes - accepting all things; Life's blessings and hardships. It's an interesting tune in that the arrangement and recording of the song thus far has been very stark and simple - very dark in moments with subtle lift in others.

I digress.

I'd love for you to take the time to listen to some of the new record. Tho I have a few tunes on my myspace and facebook pages, you'd be better served by visiting Scott here.


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