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Icon... The endless quest to make a record that I enjoy listening to ...

drew johnson - march marks the beginning.

I can remember listening to Drew Johnson tunes years and years ago. Fact, I remember my dear friend and producer/engineer J. Christopher Hughes playing me Formula Kid board mixes several years and just being shocked by the talent and ability of songwriter and front man, Drew Johnson.

Strange how things go - several months back my phone rings - on the other end is Drew. Drew mentioned following my progress over the last few years, and that he had decided that I was the guy he wanted to make his new release.

I would go on and on about the development of our relationship - but heck, Drew does a great job in his vlog located, here (the video takes a bit to load). All I can say is that Drew is far too complimentary about my skills - peruse his site, listen to some of his demos and you will get my drift. I am so happy to be a part of this record and just know already that it will be a must have. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on both http://www.drewjohnsononline.com and on my blog.

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kirk ward sessions

So - for several, several months I have been working on a new record for songwriter / artist Kirk Ward. For those of you not familiar with being locked in a studio with an artist, charged with helping with the safe delivery of their creative work - it can overwhelming and sometimes downright difficult.

While some artists are very phobic about dissecting material in front of other people and instead prefer to have their material mapped out prior to coming into the studio, from the word go I could tell that Kirk was comfortable working out ideas with and in front of me.

As session drummer Joe Meyer s
tarted to bang out material, I could tell that Kirk was very comfortable outside the box - letting Joe explore different feels, approaches and textures. From our first overdub session - Kirk and I were handing guitars back and forth - and in some instances, Kirk was truly producing me as a player.

The record features brilliant pop songs with a faith based message and brilliant playing by the usual cast of characters. Kirk is currently interviewing for fans - and would most likely love to have you
-- visit him on facebook or on myspace. The record should be wrapping up shortly - look for release dates sometime in early fall, 2009.