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progress report | drew johnson

A few weekends back, Drew Johnson and I embarked on the journey of making his new record. As I have been talking with Drew about this project on and off for quite a long time, it was really great to finally get everyone in one room and start hashing our way through ideas and material.

The beginning of every record is always hard; it's always a bit scary. As a producer / engineer, I am always a bit shocked and bewildered that an artist would entrust me to make their record?!? At times it's overwhelming - juggling so many ideas, personalities and most of all, managing the environment in which the songs are crafted. Of all the things I've come to learn (which extends far beyond faders, knobs, eq's and even performance) it's that interpersonal environment is everything when making a record. Great work happens when artists - both songwriters / artists and session players - feel safe to explore. Great recordings are made when people trust and have faith that the process will not fail them.

I was tickled to find this vlog on Drew's personal website - in which he talks about this very idea. Much thanks to drummer Joe Meyer, bassist Eric Grossman and most of all, Drew Johnson for a great start to what will be a great record. For more updates, check http://www.drewjohnsononline.com or http://www.jacobdetering.blogspot.com.

To watch the video - click, here.

Spring is here!



javier mendoza :: writing retreat cincinatti, ohio

I had the pleasure last week of traveling to Cincinnati, OH with artist Javier Mendoza. Although I've spent much of the last several weeks on the road, spending quality 'windshield time' with Javier talking music biz and listening to music was just great fun.

We landed in Crestview Hills, Kentucky were Javier played to a packed crowd at the Argentine Bean Bistro. I had then pleasure of sharing a beer and dinner with former St. Louis native Jay Brandt (Brandt's Cafe'). After packing up, we drove north just outside Cincinnati, Ohio to our home away from home 'songwriting safe-house' graciously donated by Rick and Janine Hooverman.

The cottage was just perfectly quaint and the perfect environment to buckle down and help Javier finish songs for his forthcoming record. For the next few days, we played, wrote, played more, ate, and then played some more. I'm happy to say that the week was very productive; we actually completed four new songs. Many thanks to Jay Brandt, Janine and Rick Hooverman and the Argentine Bean Bistro for such immense kindness and generosity.

Beyond all the productivity, highlights of the trip included my introduction to Cincinnati chili which is made with chocolate and cinnamon - and - maybe the best part: watching Javier eat wasabi peas. Awesome.

We begin formally working on the new Javier Mendoza record in April - I expect great, great things. For updates on progress, please visit http://www.javiermendoza.com or watch my blog.




josiah rosen | nashville songwriter

Sometime last year I received a phone call from Nashville singer - songwriter Josiah Rosen inquiring about working on new material. For those of you that are not familiar, Josiah was one of the founding members of the band Augustana and holds some amazing writing credits for songs such as 'Boston'. After leaving the band, Josiah settled in Nasvhille and is currently working on his own material along with co-writes with several major label artists.

A bit over a month ago, Josiah and I finally made good on our promise to begin sketching his new record. Lending supporting performances to the tune were drummer Joe Meyer, multi-instrumentalist R. Scott Bryan, pianist David Aholt and yours truly.

After tracking and mixing the song, I took a trip north to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit friend and engineer J. Christopher Hughes and mastering engineer Trevor Sadler.

One tune down and plans in the works to start sketches of several other songs. You can follow progress on my blog or by friend requesting Josiah on Facebook, Myspace or by visiting http://www.josiahrosen.com.

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