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'it's your life' - a new release by r. scott bryan.

If your memory servers you well, you might recall a blog I wrote several months ago about a record I was working on for singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist R. Scott Bryan. For those of you that don't know about R. Scott Bryan - you should. Over the last decade or so, Scott has shared both stage and studio with a very, very impressive list of 'A-listers' such as Petery Mayer, Mac McManally, Russ Kunkell, Levon Helm not to mention a long stent as utility player Sheryl Crow.

After a year plus in the works, Scott and I have put the finishing touches on his second full length release entitled 'It's Your Life'. The record features brilliant songwriting as well as Scott's ability to play a wide range of instruments namely percussion and Hammond B3 Organ. 'It's Your Life' also offers stellar supporting performances by Drummers Joe Meyer, Dennis Stringfield, Grover Stewart, Pianist David Aholt and saxophonist Jim Stevens. I produced, played, engineered and mixed the record which was mastered by my dear friend and mentor M. Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Audio Mastering.

Given Scott's history and pedigree in this business, working on this record was a real honor and priviledge. 'It's Your Life' will be released by Lauren Markow and me on the Red Pill label and will be available for purchase the first week of December via iTunes with hard copies available at Nimbit and CDBaby. Grab your copies and spread the word - thanks for supporting independent music.


real life with ring, cicada.

One more thing.

As the story goes, sometime back someone passed me a record of local prog-rock band called Ring, Cicada. The record entitled 'Good Morning, Mr. Good' was engineered and mixed by legendary audio guru Steve Albini at Electrical Studios in Chicago. Seriously folks, when I heard this record - correction - when I heard this band, I just absolutely had to make a record with them. Ring, Cicada is one of the coolest primarily instrumental bands around - lots of odd meter stuff, meter changes, great melodies and all around great playing.

The record was cut live at my place and is a real gem. Anyhow, I've just heard a few songs fresh out of mastering and am really tickled with the results. Please take a listen and watch for the release of this record. As far as I know the record will be called 'History's End' - look for it online or at your local record shop soon.



sunmotel - powerful, power-pop.

Over the last few years I've had the pleasure of logging quite a few hours of studio time with artist Javier Mendoza. After engineering and mixing his first self-titled release, Javier brought me in to work on his first Christmas record entitled 'Feliz Navidad'.

For quite some time now, Javier has been working on a side project with my brother and fantastic bass player Logan Detering and long time friend and session drummer Dennis Stringfield entitled 'Sunmotel'. New to the band is guitar player John Frischer. Early this fall Sunmotel contacted me about completing their first record to compliment a handful of other tracks completed by my suite-mate and ultra-awesome engineer Jason McEntire.

Anyhow, the tracks were cut entirely live with exception to the vocal tracks - one of the cuts I did is posted on my myspace page - or you can visit Sunmotel, here. Happy Turkey (or tofurkey if that's your thing!).