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Session Updates: Kevin Bilchik | Auset

Last weekend I spent a few days with singer / songwriter Kevin Bilchik.  The idea of the sessions was to focus a bit on some new, forthcoming material - and to create a new ' live release ' for Kevin to pitch to festivals, venues and such.  In addition to recording live audio, we also set up a few lights and a dv camera with the idea of using the audio and video in tandem as a booking tool.  At Kevin's side was multi-instrumentalist / songwriter R. Scott Bryan playing his world-beat kit.

It's been such a long time since I've worked with Kevin in the studio environment.  So much time has passed since his first release 'Paper Money' - so much effort extended in booking gigs and performing live all aimed at supporting the record.  Tho I know I am echoing my last blog, here - I just want to say that it really is as simple as putting a microphone in front of someone that does what they do, well.  In that the recording was designed to be a 'live capture' we had to deal with phase issues of having lots of microphones up in one room - but beyond that, placing nearly ANY mic in front of Kevin's voice yielded stunning results.  No cutting and pasting - no tweaking ... just a really great, honest delivery of great material.

Of all the material, my favorite tune of the new bunch has to be 'Nickajack'.  A tune about a guy (Johnny Cash?) that climbs into a cave to die - and is saved by luck - or faith - something.  It's such a well written song - the kind that makes your mind swirl with imagery - and likewise sends you on metaphoric journey.  I cannot wait to work on a full length release with these new tunes -- I am just so, so excited.

Artist Kevin Bilchik in the studio - for more photos check my
myspace page.

Coming directly out of my sessions with Kevin and R. Scott, I went to work on a new record with singer/songwriter Auset. Tho the primary idea was to capture solid drum tracks and assemble the bulk of the record later, we set the whole band up live, tracking 18 inputs at once. Beyond great material, this session marked my first time working with mastering engineer and long-time friend M. Brad Sarno and drummer extraordinaire Andy Marks. I have no idea about timelines for this record - but can tell you that reflects a great new batch of material authored by Auset - and a new 'band' approach and feel. Check Auset's page for updates.

Drummer Andy Marks in the studio - for more photos check my
myspace page.