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amy petty 'mystery keeps you' now available!

For those of you that know me, you've heard me talk about and might have even heard snipets or rough mixes of my work with artist
Amy Petty.  For those of you that don't know me and are snooping around my page reading my blogs, you should know artist Amy Petty.  Really, you should.  Amy's songwriting and voice are truly stunning and a 'must listen' in my book.

I worked on 'Mystery Keeps You'  for about 5 or 6 weeks in total. However given that Amy hails from the east coast, our work together tho concentrated, spanned the course a year.  Final mixes were completed early summer 2008, mastered by mastering engineer M. Brad Sarno and released on the east coast mid-July.  Release dates for the mid-west are slated for early fall.

Beyond featuring brilliant songwriting and stunning vocal performance(s), 'Mystery Keeps You' offers outstanding supporting contributions from singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist R. Scott Bryan, drummers Joe Meyer and Dennis Stringfield and J. Christopher Hughes, bassists Eric Grossman, Logan Detering and of course my long time friend and brilliant pianist David Aholt.  Being a part of making this record, with these people was a truly amazing experience for which I am so grateful.

And get this - not only is this record special because it was made with so many special people (except Joe Meyer, he's a totally different kind of special) 'Mystery Keeps You' is ultra special in that it represents the second release for Red Pill Entertainment - an indie label focused creating ethically driven, creative partnerships with musicians.

The record will be available for download very, very soon on CD baby, iTunes and all the other usual download places.  Here's the catch, tho - in order to keep making great records, we have to sell lots of them.  If you are interested in grabbing a copy or two, or three - send me an email.  If you're good I could even get your copy autographed.  Thanks for reading - and thanks in advance for supporting independent music.



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