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brothers lazaroff

Monday morning.

Over the weekend I assembled masters and completed file back-ups for a great band - Brothers Lazaroff.  Although I don't yet know the title of the record, I expect the tracks to hit mastering and replication shortly.  The recordings feature fantastic collaborative songwriting by brothers Jeff Lazaroff (St. Louis, MO) and David Lazaroff (Austin, TX) as well as outstanding supporting roles from Austin based bassist Lindsey Greene and Austin's own pedal steel guru Gary Newcomb.

This record was a real treat to work mainly because it is so divergent from my usual recording experience.  The recordings were completed (for the most part) during two, two day sessions and were cut for the most part, live.  For those of you know most of my work as being calculated and clean - this record is definitely more 'in the moment' and in a totally different direction.  The mixing of the record took similar shape, really keeping things minimal and true to the tracking ... no editing - no BS.  

Anyhow, I'll keep you all posted as to the release date - for now, check out the folks referenced in this blog.  Thanks, all. 



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