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Seems like not so long ago that I was sitting in a cottage somewhere in Ohio listening to Javier play thru candidate songs for his new record. It's hard to believe that the record is now nearly complete.

This week marks the end of vocal track after which we have a few tiny detail overdubs to do; then mix. While we are still working thru logistics of the offering, it's exciting that every song on the record will be offered in both English and in Spanish.

Going into this record, Javier was insistent that this be a very different record; that it stand apart from other records and songs in his portfolio. Out of the gate, the idea was to make this a very simple record both in writing and in arrangement/production. Having worked on several of Javier's records in one capacity or another, I really feel that in this record's simplicity, Javier's passion and fire are somehow allowed to shine brighter. Without spoiling surprises, this record is much, much more organic and features great supporting performances from one of the greatest groups of musicians in St. Louis.

A big, big part of this record is the bi-product of the musical mind of pianist/writer David Aholt. Again, I don't want to steal the thunder - but at first listen, you will understand David's immense influence on this record. Also bringing so much to the table - drummer Joe Meyer, bassist Eric Grossman and multi-instrumentalist/writer R. Scott Bryan.

Javier's new record will be available in stores, on itunes (and many other digital avenues) and at shows early fall 2009. I hope you all enjoy the record and if you do, please share your enthusiasm with those around you.

Thanks, all.





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