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The last few months have been so, so busy...

Making records is often a very cathartic experience for me. Working on a full length project from the ground up is always such a humbling and grounding experience. There's something about taking a record from infancy to fruition that is demonstrative of how important PROCESS is in life. I realize while making records how much time of my life is spent wanting to be somewhere other than where i am. I often wish I was farther; wish I had this or that. It's often easy to overlook the importance of each brick in a wall; each step along a path. Making records is one aspect of my life where I see this, clearly. A good idea, the right people/ideas bolstered by the right intent and will builds things of relevance and beauty.

After a writing trip in Cincinnati with artist Javier Mendoza, we set up in the studio to begin tracking. Contributing massively on the record are the usual suspects - Drummer Joe Meyer, Bassists Eric Grossman and Logan Detering, Pianist David Aholt, Multi-instrumentalist R. Scott Bryan, Guitarist Jim Peters and of course Javier Mendoza. I've actually played very little on this record but have found my role to be more concept directive than in past; it's a different but great role to play.

What I am most proud of really - is Javier's willingness to let his songs be pushed and pulled by PROCESS. In some ways, his songs have been reworked several times, now. First in Cincinnati where we rifled thru the best ideas and reworked them and then in the studio where we really started assessing chord voicing, tempos, etc. Javier has been so gracious in this often difficult process. Too, I am so honored to work and play with a group of such consummate and giving musicians. Their dedication to music and craft is second to none.

This record is a new turn for Javier - the songs, the arrangements and the playing are all a leap in a new direction which I think you all will love. We plan to mix and master a tune next week which will be uploaded for you all; I hope it effects you like it does me.


Almost a month ago, now - I participated in an amazing show the historic Sheldon Concert Hall. On the bill were four of my favorite artists: Kevin Bilchik, Amy Petty, R. Scott Bryan and Javier Mendoza.

Having worked with all these artists in the studio and being completely immersed in their material, it was so unreal to see them all on one stage with nothing separating them from the audience except an acoustic guitar. Oddly, despite knowing the songs front to back, I felt like I 'heard' the material in a new way. During one of Kevin Bilchik's songs, I noticed each on of the artists attentively listening and smiling after cool emotive moments. This compounded with an audience that was so focused and attentive, made the evening one (of many, I hope) I will always remember.

I have the coolest job. For this I am so thankful.

Till next time,




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