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javier mendoza 'you' | that's a wrap!

After several months of tackling one song at a time, I'm happy to say that Javier Mendoza's new record 'You' is drawing to a close. Working on this record with Javi has been a rewarding experience - the most significant take-away of which has been the building of a creative closeness and friendship with Javier.

If you have followed this project at all, you'd know that in early March, I joined Javier on a quick performance trip to Kentucky after which we set up a small demo studio in an ridiculously quaint cottage just outside Cincinnati courtesy of Rick Cobourn and Janine Hooverman. And course, I cannot forget great indie music advocate Jay Brandt for his help in orchestrating such a great trip.

The goal in making 'You' was to really take Javier's music in a different direction while offering the record in two versions; Spanish and English. I feel that this record offers a new level of songwriting for Javier and directionally offers truly amazing supporting roles by the usual cast of characters: Joe Meyer and Dennis Stringfield on drums, Eric Grossman and Logan Detering on Bass, R. Scott Bryan playing percussion and nearly everything on the track entitled 'You', Jim Stevens and Dawn Weber offered great horn work, Jim Peters on guitar and of course, Javier on guitar and vocals. As I have said before - I am so thrilled with pianist David Aholt's contribution to this record. Great, great work.

Although I contributed significantly to the arrangement and direction of 'You' - I actually played very little on this record. Instead my role has been more engineer and over arching captain of the creative ship. In this regard - this record has been a shift for me in that it's required a more indirect influence on the creative space. Mixes are nearly done and we're scheduled to hit mastering first part of next week with guru Brad Sarno - I can't wait to hear Brad's work.

The release show is already booked and tickets are on sale. The first three hundred tickets sold will receive a free copy of the new record. Get your tickets today by clicking, here!



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