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real life with ring, cicada.

One more thing.

As the story goes, sometime back someone passed me a record of local prog-rock band called Ring, Cicada. The record entitled 'Good Morning, Mr. Good' was engineered and mixed by legendary audio guru Steve Albini at Electrical Studios in Chicago. Seriously folks, when I heard this record - correction - when I heard this band, I just absolutely had to make a record with them. Ring, Cicada is one of the coolest primarily instrumental bands around - lots of odd meter stuff, meter changes, great melodies and all around great playing.

The record was cut live at my place and is a real gem. Anyhow, I've just heard a few songs fresh out of mastering and am really tickled with the results. Please take a listen and watch for the release of this record. As far as I know the record will be called 'History's End' - look for it online or at your local record shop soon.



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