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Goldtooth | Rock Revival

About a month ago I received a phone call from session drummer Joe Meyer inquiring about my interest/availability to begin working a new record for his hard rock band Goldtooth.  After setting up, getting sounds and beginning to track - I realized once again how easy making a good record can be - given great players and good songs.  The band literally tracked in total - 4 songs from start to finish in about six hours.

I am holed-up in the studio today mixing the tunes and am tickled at how great the work sounds, really.  I think back to days, hours and minutes suffering from such myopia about where to place which instrument in the room, what microphones to use, compressors, pre's, etc.  I remember a numerous occasions reading vague and cryptic interviews with my favorite engineer/producers in which they make recording some of my favorite records sound as if it's all a breeze.  A walk in the park.  I remember thinking 'what a load of shit' ... I remember just absolutely KNOWING that more than setting a microphone in front of a drum, amp or singer had to have been done.

The truth is that the ONLY piece of gear that an engineer cannot function without is a truly great performance.  Nothing impacts sound more than the part, playing and intention ... Tho that seems like a very simple notion - it amazes me how inclined players are to move a microphone or change preamps before that change amps, guitars or parts.


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